Hey ET. Visiting you after so long... Been busy; in loving your creator; Ria. First loving her. And then fighting with her. And now we have parted ways for good. Still, she's still with me. In my mind. Always will be. Can't get her out of there even if I wanted to. We had our good days and bad days. And even though bad days grew on us and we had to split, I don't want to remember all those bad blood between us. Whenever I remember her, which is effectively 24x7, I remember only the good things. And miss her.

I still remember this very day, 3 years ago. It was past 6 PM and I was bored in office. So, was randomly browsing through blogger blogs. And I landed on you. You were a simple black colored blog back then. I read couple of poems and liked them. Saw that they were written by someone named Ria Shah. Ahh, I had liked that name instantly. Dropped a comment there. "You have a good flare for writing. Keep it up". And I moved on. And you know what? Within sometime, Ria pinged me from my blog. "Do I know you"? Apparently, she had thought me to be someone she knew. Some other Vicky. And when she came to know that I was someone else, she was kinda angry - "how can you drop a comment - kisi k bhi blog mei..!!!". Haha. She didn't knew k blogs are for that only; getting views and comments from unknown people. Readers at large. That helps us connect with like minded people. And sometimes, we find our soul-mates that way. I found her. My Ria. But hadn't know that yet.

We exchanged some orkut scraps that day. And I found out that she was talking about me with her friend on Orkut. Oh, wasn't I excited. I eavesdropped and read both sides of the conversation. She was miffed that most of my posts were copies and not original work. But then there was this scrap that "He's a nice guy". Very normal thing to say, indeed. But I liked that a lot. Was feeling very good. Still didn't know that that was the start of a long beautiful relation.

When I look back now at that evening, I just feel so lucky. This is the day Ria came into my life. 10th May. Even though we had our big fight last month and we are not talking to each other now; I don't regret she coming into my life. In fact, I cherish it. She made my life beautiful and gave me love. She's the 1st girl who loved me. Every single moment spent with her is like one lifetime for me.

Here's to the 3rd anniversary of two strangers colliding and starting a VicRia.